Mysql InnoDB CrashRecovery

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Mysqlserver is suddenly stopping (crashing) . Even after a restart the server ist stopping after a few seconds again.

In /var/log/daemon.log there are large mysql Hexdumps as well as the assumtion that the database is physically corrupt.

prerequirement for a successfull repair

In case of such an emergncy you need an uptodate mysqldump of all databases. If not, you have no change to fix the database without the loss of data


restart Mysql with the Parameter

innodb_force_recovery = 4

drop your databases ( with drop Database ) as long till mysql starts normaly

If all Databases are part oft the problem, then you have to deinstall mysql , purge /var/lib/mysql , an then install mysql again.

At the latest mysql should run normal now. Time to use the dump to restore your databases.

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