Another try with the wrt160nl and openwrt (Part 1) – Installing Openwrt

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Linux, Netzwerk, openwrt

After being unused for over an year I gave the WRT 160 NL another try .
Now there are images ready to use[1]
You can easily flash the image over an older installation ( in my case ) this way
sysupgrade -n openwrt-ar71xx-wrt160nl-squashfs.bin
or you can do it with the webgui.

To get WLAN wokring , you have to install additional packets
opkg update; opkg install kmod-ath9k hostapd wpa-supplicant
and then you have to do the following

rm /etc/config/wireless
wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless

and WLAN is working


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