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Thailand 2015

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Sonstiges, Unterwegs

Fall 2015 I was in Thailand for my first bagbacking experience. I travelled from Chiang Mai ( where I visited an elephant sanctuary) in the north to Lopburi ( with its monkeys) , Ayutthaya ( I explored the ruins there with a bicycle ) and ended up Kanchanaburi at the river Kwai. There I was swimming in the basins of the erawan falls with some fishes ,traveling across the Death Railway and relaxing on a house bout on the river kwai.

Travelling as bagpacker was a great experience enjoying freedom and adventure , finding new friends.

2016 there will be an update , I promise

Some wats in Chaing Mai

playing with the big guys

back in Chiang mai

Trainstation on my route to lopburi

monkey alarm !!


Erawan Falls ( beautifull to swim)

Death railway

River Kwai

The famous Bridge

Chilling at “my” Houseboat



Ib the skys over Frankfurt

Ein seltsamer VMWarefehler

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Linux, Netzwerk, vmware

diesen Morgen stellte the websphere client eines der Cluster sienen Dienst mit folgender Fehlermeldung ein.
Cannot connect to vCenter Single Sign On server. https://(FQDN or IP address of SSO):7444/ims/STSService.

Dert Grund ist simpel aber seltsam.
Der SSO Service lief seit einem Jahr und musste wegen eines tempoären,abgelaufenen Zertifikates neugestartet werden

Hier ist der KB Artikel: