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What are DNS blacklists ?
This are special namesserver returning spamming servers instead of DNS Records.
The advantages are fast updaterate and the availability. And its works everywhere where DNS is working.

Is my server on a blacklist ? .
You need a DNS query with a special syntax ( with the IP of blog.hlawatsch.org and the dnsblacklist of heise.de [¹] as example) :
the IP:
the query

your server is blacklisted if the returned answer contains localhost.
youre server isn’t blacklisted if the returned answer is empty.


A Workaround, when harddrive c: is getting to small

Author: Stephan  |  Category: windows

What can you do when your harddrive c: on awindowssystem ist getting to small , but on the other partitions is enough space ?

A very simple solution is with a tool named junction [¹]
With junction you are able to create symlinks under windows
One example:
junction c:\mydir d:\daten\mydir