Nagios is checking the weather

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Linux, Nagios, Sonstiges

One of the more humorous uses of nagios is the possibility to check the weather.
This is the use of the plugin check_weather
Then you have to register at to use the webservice and get a userid and a license.
The userid and the license hat to put into

my $weather = Weather::Com::Simple->new(
partner_id => "my ID",
license => "myLicense",

The result

/server/nagios/libexec > ./ -l neu-ulm
WEATHER OK - Temperature -11 degrees celsius at Neu-Ulm, Germany | celsius=-11;;

Howto let Nagios send documentationlinks

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Linux, Nagios, Netzwerk

If you use Nagios to monitor a lot of services and hosts , you want to link the Dokumentation to nagios and you want to see the Link also in the Notification email.

Whats the way to achieve this??

You can define a special Section in the configuration for Extended Information about Services . Into this section you have to put a Variable “action_url” with the URL of your dokulink, Than you’ll find the Link on the webpage

define serviceextinfo{
host_name localhost
service_description some service

To see the Link also in the eMail you have to put the following


into your notifcation Command.

2 additional notes:
1.)This will also work by using $SERVICENOTESURL$ but $SERVICENOTESURL$ is used by tools like nagiosgrapher. So use $SERVICEACTIONSURL$
2.)This will also work for $HOSTACTIONURL$

Der R2-D2 der mit Nagios Rechenzentren überwacht

Author: Stephan  |  Category: Linux, Nagios, Netzwerk

Habe ich gerade beim stöbern im Netz gefunden: Japanische Freaks haben R2-D2 so modifiziert, so das dieser Nagiosscreens projeziert.

Das benötigt jedes Rechenzentrum :)