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What are DNS blacklists ?
This are special namesserver returning spamming servers instead of DNS Records.
The advantages are fast updaterate and the availability. And its works everywhere where DNS is working.

Is my server on a blacklist ? .
You need a DNS query with a special syntax ( with the IP of blog.hlawatsch.org and the dnsblacklist of heise.de [¹] as example) :
the IP:
the query

your server is blacklisted if the returned answer contains localhost.
youre server isn’t blacklisted if the returned answer is empty.


nice spambounce

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A nice spambounce I’ve seen at work.
Hello good Sir,

I\’m very sorry to inform you that you failed in sending me a spam-mail.
If you\’re continuing, you will fail much more and in the end you will

Your Boss.
Very stylish

Howto let Nagios send documentationlinks

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If you use Nagios to monitor a lot of services and hosts , you want to link the Dokumentation to nagios and you want to see the Link also in the Notification email.

Whats the way to achieve this??

You can define a special Section in the configuration for Extended Information about Services . Into this section you have to put a Variable “action_url” with the URL of your dokulink, Than you’ll find the Link on the webpage

define serviceextinfo{
host_name localhost
service_description some service
action_url http://link.to.doku

To see the Link also in the eMail you have to put the following


into your notifcation Command.

2 additional notes:
1.)This will also work by using $SERVICENOTESURL$ but $SERVICENOTESURL$ is used by tools like nagiosgrapher. So use $SERVICEACTIONSURL$
2.)This will also work for $HOSTACTIONURL$


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Neulich hatte ich eine Mail in meinem Postfach von einer Judy, die mich zu einer Fahrschulprüfung einlud.
Klar Spam , aber ein bisschen erstaunt da meine Fahrschulprüfung 10 Jahre her ist.
Also wurde ich neugierig und fand einige Links wie diesen [1]der, meiner Meinung nach, verbreitet werden sollte.